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Deletion from Guide: Craft Beer Co, Clapham

Craft Beer Co's Clapham pub is now closed.  A new pub/bar called 'Clapham Tap' is taking its place - but we are pretty certain this has no connection with the Euston Tap, Waterloo Tap etc mini chain.

We really liked Craft in Clapham and are sorry to see it go. However, it is disappointing to note that Craft Beer Co have been completely silent on the matter, leaving it to us punters to find out ourselves through word of mouth. Indeed, the pub is still listed prominently on their website.

This is very odd and dispiriting. Surely customers deserve better communication than this?  If there was a lease issue or the site didn't work as planned, then why not just announce it - surely saying something is better than nothing?  Mind you, Craft have previous in this regard, having announced a new opening in Croydon last year which never materialised.  Again, there was no announcement and it was left to bemused punters to figure it out for themselves.  

We are not impressed by this complete lack of communication from Craft Beer Co, who, in contrast, are prolific on social media when opening new sites and want to spread the word.  Why not the same for closures and the like?  I think customers deserve better than to be taken for granted in this way.