Comment from the brewer on 2014-07-31 07:44:49

 Hi Jezza, Thank you for article about the C word. I really liked it. Especially the description Craft is being used by the breweries nowadays in order to promote their beer and to sell more beer without letting know the consumer what is it and what information gives it to the consumer in terms of drinking and product quality. But if I go to internet have a little search and read about craft beers all I can find as conclusion how they are using crazy amount of hops, how many types of hops they are blending ect. and this is called craft beer!!! There isn't any single brewery which talks about the malt quality! Or what about poor quality of London brewing water? Isn't it the water breweries are using for their beer. Average beer contains min. 90% of water as raw material. Why no one mentions about how they are treating the water. I know lots of small breweries and as a producer I can say that most of them have poor microbiological conditions in beer production. What would you think if I would say that the most of the breweries are using enormous amount of hops (dry hoping!!!) in the name of craft so that they can hide their microbiological problems, their off flavours. (And we also know that hops have sterilisation function) So I would really like to know what your description is for quality. I believe without any identification of quality your article is little bit lost. There are many sides of quality related to beer. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say my opinions. Kind regards.