Links to Other Interesting Web Sites

These are some sites we've found in our research that we think you might be interested in.


Friends and Partners

A beer blog by Essex based beer writer Justin Mason, a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. He does an excellent, ongoing "Beers of London" series, tasting and promoting London brewed beers.

A new weekly listing of beery events in London.

Our friend Leighton Smith has London beer events covered better than anyone else. Given that we couldn't keep track as well as he does, we figured we should link to his London Beer Guide events page rather than create our own. So here it is.

A beer blog by Matt Curtis, a London based freelance beer writer and a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.



A handy map of London's Overground train service.

A handy map of the entire London rail and tube network.

Website of the national train network, featuring a journey planner and lots more useful info.

How to get around London using all forms of public transport.


Visiting London

Mostly available during the summer months, why not stay in a university residence/dorm? It is much cheaper than a hotel.


Just for Fun

Done by a voice artist who does many of the real Tube announcements.