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Here at we don't have complicated rules for choosing the pubs we list.  To recommend a pub, we have to actually have had a beer there. Our pubs must also serve good beer: all dispense methods are fine as long as the pub serves good beer from interesting breweries.  We also consider additional criteria such as service and ambience. We like our pubs to offer something extra, be it interesting architecture, great atmosphere or excellent food. But first and most importantly they must serve good beer.

For the purposes of this Guide, ‘pub’ includes pubs, bars, brewery taps and bottle shops which allow on site drinking (what we call ‘bottle shop bars’).  To qualify for a Guide entry, on site drinking is required, whatever the setting, plus a minimum of weekly opening on at least one day per week.

You can also check out our "To Do List" of new or improved pubs, or places due to open soon, that may make it into the Guide once we have visited them.


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Jezza Top Pick
Steve Top Pick
Jezza Honourable Mention
Steve Honourable Mention
Full menu
Live Music
WiFi available
Regularly has London brewed beers
Brewery tap, may have limited hours
Original listing in the Guide
New entry in the Guide in 2014
New entry in the Guide in 2015
New entry in the Guide in 2016
New entry in the Guide in 2017
New entry in the Guide in 2018
New entry in the Guide in 2019
Dog Friendly
New entry in the Guide in 2020
Specializes in Belgian Beers
Specializes in Italian Beers
Specializes in German Beer
Specializes in Czech/Slovak Beers
Specializes in Dutch Beers
Bottle shop with onsite drinking
Growler fills available